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Quality schemes require up to date calibration of essential instruments. However it is not necessary to have all your moisture measuring instruments returned to an external calibration laboratory. If for example you own a moisture meter and a Checkbox it is not necessary to return both checkbox and meter to be re-calibrated externally, only one of them.

This is since the rules of ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 require traceability which is achieved by means of either all moisture meters being re-calibrated externally, or a company quality controller�s inspection checkbox being externally calibrated. For a company with two or more moisture meters, it is certainly cheaper and more convenient to just have the Checkbox re-calibrated annually with moisture meter calibration undertaken in house by your own staff. You should keep records of your periodic in-house calibration available for audit by your external quality scheme assessor.

Verus offer a calibration service for all Checkbox types even original TRADA models whether purchased from ourselves or not. We use traceable standards equipment and our unrivalled experience. We will also send a reminder letter to individuals or companies before the calibration period runs out.

Alternatively, for traditionalists we will carry out a traceable moisture meter re-calibration for all resistance-type meters (Timbermaster, Mini, Gann, etc) whether purchased from ourselves or not and will service or repair the meter at the same time if you wish.

Our calibration service also includes inductive/electric field (no pin) moisture meters. We are still able to supply a certificate of traceability suitable for ISO 9000 / ISO 17025 by using oven dried redwood specimens and traceable weights. This method has been endorsed by UKAS.

Calibration and certification prices

For all Checkbox models at time of purchase Free of charge
For all moisture meter models at time of purchase £65
For all models of used Checkbox & resistance-type meter £95
For all models of used electric field graduated scale moisture meter £95