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The Verus Moisture Meter Checkbox Model II is an electronic device which represents a piece of timber at 3 precise moisture contents enabling instant checks on a wood moisture meter working on the resistance/conductance principle (eg. all old and new Protimeter Minis and all Timbermasters). The alternative method of using real wood oven dried specimens is neither rapid, nor precise, due to the natural variations in each piece of timber at the same moisture level. The water resistant Model II uses no moving parts and is set at European redwood (Pinus sylvestris) values since this is the default species used in UK moisture meters. A Verus Checkbox is a fast and accurate method of checking a moisture meter.

The Verus checkbox is widely used by wood users - trussed rafters, box beams, gluelam, shop fitters, furniture makers and surveyors working on-site to check meter accuracy from time to time or whenever an unusual reading occurs. The Checkbox has also been useful in litigation and drying disputes as a method of proving that a user at the time met calibration requirements.

Verus II

Calibrates Protimeter LED Mini, Digital Mini, Timbermaster and Surveymaster moisture meters & any meter with probe spacings of 12, 12.5, 13 and 25mm, checks accuracy at 14% (well dried), 17.3% (early stage air dried) & 27%  (wet, typical fibre saturation point),  includes free UKAS/ISO 9000 suitable calibration certificate, miniature size 40 x 40 x 23mm, weight 45gms

(v5002)    £170.00


Verus IIIu

Calibrates all Minis, Timbermasters and Surveymaster moisture meters with integral, hand, hammer or deep wall probes & any make of meter with probe spacings of 12, 13, 25, 31 or 32mm spacing. Calibrates 3 species group scales and 8 marked wood species, checking accuracy at 9, 14, 17.3, 22 & 27%, includes ISO 9000 calibration certificate, size 100 x 50 x 23mm, weight 80gms.

(v5006)    £349.00

Moisture Meter Checkbox Model I was originally developed and patented by TRADA (Timber Research & Development Association) and marketed by Verus Instruments who later developed Models II & IIIu. Verus Checkboxes are now used by many accredited timber companies. The values were developed from substantial research by Marconi on wood species in the 1960's. Verus reference resistance values are periodically calibrated by a specialist UKAS laboratory. Provided it is kept in calibration a Checkbox is a convenient alternative to returning your moisture meter to achieve traceable calibration.