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The new Protimeter Surveymaster moisture meter is a dual mode meter used for measuring the moisture level of wood materials or non-conductive and porous construction materials.  It has two modes of operation - Search (electric field) and Measure (resistance)  that, when used together, greatly enhance the users ability to identify the extent and profile of excess moisture and to diagnose the cause of moisture related problems. The Surveymaster incorporates a digital display that is synchronised with a colour coded LED scale.  Whereas the digital display quantifies the actual (when measuring wood in the Measure mode) or relative moisture level of the material under investigation, the LED scale indicates the material's very approximate moisture condition.  Green zone readings represent a safe, air-dry state, yellow zone readings represent a borderline state and red zone readings represent a damp condition.

  • Dual mode - resistance (pins) or electrical field effect (proximity)
  • Pocket size 165 x 55 x 42mm, 308gms
  • Single species range for European redwood
  • LCD digital readings from 9% to 100% moisture content (resistance mode)
  • Audible bleeps during field readings plus LEDs
  • Usual accessories fit; hammer electrode, deep wall probes, etc
  • Auto power cut off after 30 seconds
  • One handed using built in probes
  • Pins set 12.5mm apart spacing on built in probe, 10mm long
  • Complete with additional 25mm spacing Standard Probe accessory
  • Complete with soft case
  • Takes two one 9 volt cell supplied
  • Suitable for Verus Checkbox Calibrator models II and IIIu
  • Supplied by Verus at discount price
 (v5033)     £359.00