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The new Protimeter Timbermaster is a resistance type moisture meter designed for use in wood.  Moisture measurements can be taken using the integral pin electrodes shown, or using the meter in combination with remote moisture probe or hammer electrode.  Additionally when used with the optional temperature probe, the moisture measurements are automatically corrected for temperature.  This feature is particularly relevant for users measuring wood that it significantly above or below 20°C.  The Timbermaster is switched on by pressing left button momentarily and switched off by pressing and holding left button again for 2 seconds.  The instrument will switch off automatically after up to 5 minutes.

  • Eight switchable species ranges built-in for common soft and hardwoods
  • Large illuminated digital LCD readings from 7% to 100%
  • Accurate between wood moisture values 11 to 30%
  • 3.5mm socket for hand probe (supplied) or optional hammer probe accessory
  • 2.5mm temperature compensator accessory probe for kilned wood an optional extra
  • Auto power cut-off after selected interval
  • One handed use using built-in probe with 10mm long pins set 13mm apart,
  • Three probe options - Mini probe (MP)12mm pin spacing v5038a, Heavy Duty Probe (HD) with 25mm pin spacing v5038b, HD probe with temperature correction probe v5038c
  • Complete with soft case
  • Takes one 9-volt alkaline cell supplied (needs a fine crosspoint screwdriver to change battery)
  • Pocket size 190 x 64 x 35mm
  • Weight without soft case 216g
  • Suitable for use with Verus Checkbox models II and IIIu
  • Supplied by Verus with 3 probe options:

  v5038a (MP) - £249.00

  v5038b (HD) - £279.00

  v5038c (HD & temp probe) - £299.00